Treloar’s Volunteering (September 2014 to the present)

I’ve always known how important volunteering would be for me to gain experience in caring for people. Obviously it was also important for my university application and my DofE volunteering as well, so I wanted to choose something that would cover all these. Over the summer in 2014, I decided to volunteer at Treloar’s College for Disabled Children (, Holybourne, because I live relatively nearby, and I felt I would enjoy being with people my own age. As my sixteenth birthday was in the summer, I was unable to start until September, and because of my age, I am still only able to help out socially. Now that I have been going for a year, I am getting to know the students well, and without wanting to sound clichéd, I find our hour a week after school together really rewarding. Their house teacher says that it is good for them to have another person their age with whom to talk or play games or help with homework, and I hope that this is the case.


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